Sunday, September 30, 2007


It's finally here, Hubad! Striptease for the Daring Men will take you to an erotic learning experience on how to sexually charge up your partner with sensual dance moves. Featuring one of PROVOQ's most sought after hunks, Johnron Tañada, this steamy video will lead you on how to tease, strip off, and achieve new heights of orgasm with all the right moves. Learn to be an instrument of desire and realize your deepest fantasies.

I watched the video and it was not quite as I expected it to be. I guess I was expecting more from Johnron after his daring pictorials with CLIMAX magazine where he showed half of his manhood. After the success of "Ang Lalake sa Parola" I was expecting more from the Provoq men. Nevertheless, the video will not fail to tickle your fantasies. One of the supporting cast even showed half of his semi-erect penis in one of the scenes. The video also has some special features which includes behind the scene footage and cover shots. I hope that there will be a more daring sequel to this since there where some scenes in the behind the scenes feature that were not included in the final video

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